Selling Your Home? Why Hiring a Realtor Should Be Your First Move

Selling Your Home? Why Hiring a Realtor Should Be Your First Move

by Dino Alexander, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker, Principal Broker — Alexander Maxwell Realty

Dino Alexander, CEO Duncan Avenue Group
Dino Alexander, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker

Today’s online world means it’s easier than ever to list your home yourself. At first, this may seem like a great idea. You’ll save on real estate agent commissions, and you’ll have complete control over the whole selling process.

However, this isn’t the whole story. Going it alone means you’ll miss out on the invaluable knowledge and experience that a realtor can offer. Here are just some of the reasons hiring a real estate professional should be the first selling decision you make.

Local Expertise

An experienced realtor will have a strong knowledge of real estate in your area, and can access accurate historical sales data. They’ll be able to help you decide on a listing price that gives you the best deal while attracting the most potential buyers.

Pricing is one of the most important parts of listing a home. Get it wrong at the start, and your sale prospects might never recover. A good realtor makes sure your listing hits the ground running.

Hudson Valley Style Magazine Spring 2018 Cover - Dino Alexander - Selling Real Estate in Style
Hudson Valley Style Magazine Spring 2018 Cover – Dino Alexander – Selling Real Estate in Style

Get Your Home Listing-Ready

Successful real estate agents know what buyers are looking for in a property. They can offer advice on what you can do to make your home more attractive. This doesn’t need to mean extensive changes — even small details can make a huge difference to the desirability of your home.

Expert Marketing

No home will sell if it can’t attract viewers, and this means effective marketing is essential. A realtor will know which features of your property to highlight and which to give less importance to. They’ll also have access to experienced professional photographers who can show your home in its best light.

They can also use their own networks of property advertising, online and off, to give your home the maximum exposure for the lowest cost.

Hudson Valley Style Magazine Spring 2018 Preview - Duncan Avenue's Villa 9W
Hudson Valley Style Magazine Spring 2018 Preview – Duncan Avenue’s Villa 9W

Industry Contacts

And what’s more, good realtors work together to spread the word of their property listings outside their immediate areas. Their industry contacts can make your home visible on a local, regional, and even national scale.

Expert Negotiation

Very few buyers agree to the listed price straight out of the gate. But agreeing on a figure that suits everyone takes expert negotiation. A reputable realtor will be far more skilled at this task than most and will secure you a much better price than if you try to seal the deal yourself.

Hudson Valley Style Magazine
Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Paperwork and Legalities

Lastly, even after a sale has been agreed in principle, closing isn’t a formality. There are piles of documents to fill, legal hurdles to clear, and many potential problems to overcome. A realtor will know the closing process inside-out and can smooth your way through it with the minimum of stress and hassle.

Selling your home can be a costly and lengthy process, and you might think listing independently is a way to cut costs and keep things simple. But the truth is exactly the opposite. Hiring an experienced and proficient realtor will make your sale go much more smoothly, and you’ll also realize a better price at the end of it.