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When you choose Alexander Maxwell Realty you choose a company which helps you to invest in your future, to us you are not a one-off client, we form long-standing relationships with all of our valued customers. To us, your home is a work of art and it is exactly how our All-Inclusive Strategic Marketing Package presents it to the world. Here is what we do and the steps we take to market your property and get you to the closing table quickly and efficiently:

1. Let's meet and brainstorm

At our first meeting and walkthrough of your property, we will discuss the initial market assessment,  pricing, and marketing strategy. We will talk about your goals and the best way to reach them. We'll help you to achieve an optimal market positioning based on your goals, whether it is the sale price or timing.


2. It's time for a facelift

Whether it is a brand new construction or a 200-year-old castle, your property will get a facelift based on the Strategy we agreed on at the first step. It could be as little as a few expert staging recommendations or even more extensive measures such as paint or landscape improvement. We'll show you the numbers and how a small tweak at the initial stage can deliver a tremendous return at the closing. Our industry partners can get the job done timely and efficiently, we even provide easy financing options if necessary.


3. PR and marketing gears are starting to spin

Next, we will start executing the Strategy: whether it is an award-winning real estate photography, property branding, aerial/drone imaging, video walkthrough, social media campaign, search engines optimization, feature in a critically acclaimed publication with a global reach, or all of the above - it is all included in our Strategic Marketing Package at no additional cost to you!


4. Building windmills, not walls

Real Estate is a dynamic and ever-changing market. Those who can harness the energy of the winds of change will eventually win. During the time on the market, we will help you to negotiate offers and adjust your strategy based on the market feedback.


5. Paper-pushing is still a thing, even when it's digital

Selling Real Estate is a process that involves many team players and an enormous workflow of documents. Our team will assist you and your legal team with paperwork all the way from the beginning until closing and we will stay on top of the timeline, making sure everything is on track!

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Homebuying and real estate trends infographic by Alexander Maxwell Realty

Hudson Valley Style Magazine - Spring 2019: The Real Estate Edition
Hudson Valley Style Magazine - Spring 2019: The Real Estate Edition