4 Lesser-Known Tips for Selling Your Hudson Valley Home Faster

4 Lesser-Known Tips for Selling Your Hudson Valley Home Faster
by Realtor Maxwell Alexander

If you’ve told anyone you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, you’ve probably gotten some advice. Everybody who’s ever sold their home is likely eager to tell you how to go about doing it.

Most likely, they’ve told you what you already know: Remove clutter, paint with neutral colors, spruce up your curb appeal and keep the home squeaky-clean for as long as it’s on the market.

But there are some less-common tactics that can be useful to home sellers too; ones you might not hear from the crowd. Here are four lesser-known tricks to selling a home faster.

Make it more available

There are plenty of real estate agents who will tell buyers they need to give 24-hour notice before selling a home. That’s a nice courtesy, but in a competitive market could also be a turnoff for buyers who want to see a home as soon as it’s listed. If you allow buyers to look at your home on short notice, you’ll likely attract more people to look at it.

Buyers also tour homes on their schedules, which means evenings and weekends. Some of those appointments will be made ahead of time, but it helps to have an “evacuation plan” for when you have to leave the home on short notice. The tradeoff for a speedier sale might be having to deal with some inconvenience.

Lights on when you leave

If you do end up having a short-notice buyer come to the home, remember to leave the lights on and open the curtains or blinds when you leave. Especially since some buyer visits will happen during the evening, it’s important to have the home well-lit before they arrive. Don’t rely on the agent who’s showing the property to do this for you.

Natural light is always good, but in rooms with less daylight coming in, it might not hurt to bring in some lamps or brighter bulbs to lighten up darker areas of the home. Buyers want bright.

Pay for the extra services or choose an all-inclusive real estate agency

Different listing agents will offer different levels of service when selling your home. Some will have an expert team that might include a professional photographer or home stager. Alexander Maxwell Realty is the only Hudson Valley Realty that offers complimentary world-class real estate photography, video walkthroughs, staging and virtual tours with every listing.

About 95 out of 100 buyers start their home searches online, which means pictures of your home are important. Browse through homes for sale around you, and it will be easy to tell the listings that had professional photography done from those that didn’t. It makes a difference. The same goes for staging.

If your agent doesn’t have these professionals on their team, you could hire them yourself and simply provide your agent with professional pictures of your staged home. It might well be worth it.

Recruit your own “team,” too

In many instances, neighbors find out a home is going up for sale when a sign appears in the front yard. But talking with your neighbors ahead of time and letting them know you’re selling can help sell it more quickly.

Your neighbors, through word of mouth, have the potential to become a powerful “team” of sales representatives. They know the neighborhood, probably think highly of it, and are likely familiar with your home. They might even already know someone else who’s expressed interest in moving into the area.

When your listing goes live online, you’ll share it with your social media networks immediately. You should probably share the news with your neighbor network even sooner.

Remember, selling a home can be an exhausting, invasive process. Selling it faster means less discomfort, so it’s worth trying every trick in the book to get it done.

Hudson Valley Realtors Maxwell and Dino Alexander
Hudson Valley Realtors Maxwell and Dino Alexander

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