Sold: Chic and Modern Hudson Valley Style Farmhouse

Walnut Street (New Windsor, NY) Design & Renovation Project by Duncan Avenue Design Studio By Maxwell Alexander, Director of Marketing, Alexander Maxwell Realty This Kitchen really worth its own cooking TV Show! The kitchen is the heart of any home and this particular kitchen is 16 ft. long and is a perfect playground for a seasoned cook or aspiring cooking TV show host. It’s not just the size of the kitchen, but also the amazing contemporary features that are also spectacular. Hudson Valley Style Farmhouse […]

Duncan Avenue Design Studio – Real Estate Design & Construction Services in Hudson Valley

Real Estate Design & Construction Services in Hudson Valley When looking to sell your home, you want to make sure that it is as well-designed and well-decorated as it can be. A home, after all, is mainly just space; it’s often the furnishings and the décor that really “sell it” to potential buyers. Professional real estate renovations and design services can leave you with a  property which is chic, modern, and competitive on the real estate market in Hudson Valley. When you’re looking for real […]