Almax Realty REWARD$ Program

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO!

our reward$ program is live and we are very excited to $hare it with you


We believe in hard work, loyalty, and dedication. It's not easy to be one of the best in the Real Estate industry but our continuous efforts for improvement and excellence have made Alexander Maxwell Realty one of the leading Real Estate Brokerages in the Hudson Valley. We know that our success will be impossible without you, our amazing and loyal clients. We can never thank you enough for your support and trust but we will continue to say "Thank you" in many different ways.

This is why we have developed a one-of-a-kind REWARD$ program to express our gratitude in a way that is much more ... rewarding!

Almax Realty

Buyers of real property are entitled to choose any Realtor representation they wish. This offer should not obligate clients to conduct business with any particular Real Estate Brokerage or Sales Associate. This offer is intended as an appreciation gift to our clients.