Xiomara Marrero, Hudson Valley Realtor
Xiomara Marrero, Hudson Valley Realtor

Hello Everyone! Feel free to call me Mara 🙂

I am thrilled to join the Alexander Maxwell Realty team and looking forward to an amazing collaboration with everyone here. I am bringing a wealth of experience in property management, vacation rentals, and commercial real estate with me and looking forward to sharing my expertise with my clients while helping them to get the highest possible price for their Hudson Valley residential and commercial properties.

What stands out the most from all the experiences I have is the fact that I have had an opportunity of working with all different folks in Banking, Fashion, Health, Wellness, and now Real Estate.   The journey of helping people to save money, look good, feel good, find a forever home – all of this is exciting to me.

Along with dozens of my favorite Hudson Valley hiking trails, I enjoy yoga and meditation. Plus, another passion of mine is nutrition coaching, all of this makes Hudson Valley a perfect home for me and I hope you'll find it just as appealing as well!

Feel free to reach out to me at 845-797-5070 today and let's find your home or let's get it sold fast and for a top dollar!