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We invest in technology that makes our agents better!

Real estate technology is an indispensable part of an agent’s selling process. We identify and develop competitive industry tools that support our agent's personal brand and fuel their productivity. We want our agents to be the best and we can only achieve that by providing them with the most current technological and logistical gear.

Almax Realty - Hudson Valley Real Estate


Our website is IDX-powered and gives our clients and agents access to the latest MLS data. It provides a huge boost for engaging prospective clients. We help our agents add value to their online presence by creating a personal webpage on our highly SEO optimized website and coach them on how to become an influencer and optimize their social media accounts.


We offer in-house photography and videography to create high-end, professional, and engaging content for our agents' listings and social media accounts. We have developed one of a kind strategic marketing approach to help our agents win every listing presentation. From photos, drone imaging and videos to property branding and features in local publications. It is all-inclusive at no cost to our agents.


We offer a customer relationship manager (CRM) that makes a world of difference to our busy real estate agents. The CRM helps our agents organize their prospect information digitally, respond to clients, stay in touch with past clients, and automate everyday tasks.


Paperwork, signatures, and legal documents make up a large percentage of an agent’s workweek. Our transaction and electronic management software help our agents keep important client documents organized and in one convenient place. 

"I believe in the limitless potential of my agents and my greatest passion is to see them succeed beyond their own expectations. I wanted to create a place where learning and collaboration are nurtured and encouraged. At Almax Realty we are a team, we work together, we succeed together, we grow together."

Dino Alexander
NYS Licensed Real Estate Principal Broker

Almax Realty The Best Realtors in the Hudson Valley

All-inclusive Agent Benefits

Global Marketing & PR
  • + World-Class Personal Brand Development
  • + Award-Winning Real Estate Photography and Videography
  • + Global Marketing Package and PR Strategy for Each Listing
  • + Feature in the Hudson Valley Style Magazine
  • + Independent Schedule. Work as much or as little as you'd like!

Buyer's Agent Benefits

Buyer's Agent
  • 90/10 Commission Split
  • No Transaction Fee
  • No Franchise Fee
  • No Tech Fee
  • + Free Business Cards
  • + Free Personal Web Page

Seller's Agents Benefits

Seller's Agent
  • 70/30 Commission Split
  • No Transaction Fee
  • No Franchise Fee
  • No Tech Fee
  • + Free Business Cards
  • + Free Personalized Signs
  • + Free Personal Web Page
Alexander Maxwell Realty™ | Upgrade Your Reality™

We value Style, Design, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility. We are in the business of Upgrading Reality and we do it in Style!

Alexander Maxwell Realty™ | Upgrade Your Reality™

We are invested in each other and we celebrate and share our success as a team. We learn from each other and we work as a Team.

Alexander Maxwell Realty™ | Upgrade Your Reality™

The World around us evolves faster than ever before and we are proud to be on the leading edge! We are flexible and determined, and we move fast.

Disrupting the system with a bold new outlook

AlmaxRealty - Hudson Valley Real Estate

The way people buy and sell things has inherently changed in the last decade. Why should real estate be any different? The industry as you know it is lagging dreadfully behind, but Almax Realty is disrupting the system with a bold, new outlook on what is necessary to become a successful real estate agent.

Cutting-edge environment

Contrary to the notion that we’re all lazy and entitled, Millennials are overtaking the workforce and the real estate market. Almax Realty understands your need for a cutting-edge environment to thrive in. We’re not talking about gimmicks like bean bags and espresso bars; we are talking about a system designed for agents that operate differently—a system that enables you to succeed.

The opportunity is in the field

As a matter of fact, the less you see our office, the better, even though it's a beautiful office. We do not require you to waste time on senseless, hierarchical office duties because the opportunity is in the field. You get what you put in, and with a flexible schedule that allows you to work as much or as little as you’d like, not a minute is wasted. Our agency is not the old boy’s club that you know so well. We think of ourselves as business partners, providing you with all the tools it takes to go from showing to closing, to an unrivaled commission check in your bank account.

An arsenal of world-class marketing

At Almax Realty, our agents are always moving forward. Our commission structure is based on a true buyer's agent 90-10 split, with no extra charges or fees. We are not in the business of thievery. We strive to invest in our agents from day one by providing honest commission for honest work, and an arsenal of world-class marketing materials to help you build strong client relationships. From complimentary, strategic marketing packages to award-winning photography, we have your back.

Control your destiny

Almax Realty is a platform where you control your destiny and your career, and we want to do everything we can to help you reach your goals. Support and innovation are the pillars on which that platform lies, and our core values transcend the hollow text on a mission statement. We have a growing team of highly motivated, like-minded agents and we are always looking for more, so just drop us a line to get started!

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