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Maxwell Alexander - REALTOR®, N.Y.S. Licensed Real Estate Sales Person, VP Marketing & Design, Almax Realty
Maxwell Alexander - REALTOR®, N.Y.S. Licensed Real Estate Sales Person, VP Global Marketing & Design, Almax Realty

Almax Realty is Real Estate Industry's unrivaled Champion of the Global Marketing Approach and it was only natural for us to take the next step in the development of the concept and partner with the leading Real Estate Broker on the Caribbean Market - Island Dreams Realty of St. Martin. As a VP of Global Marketing and Design, it is my privilege to increase Almax Realty's global reach and work towards expanding our services and partnership network all around the World.

In today's market, real estate investors, as well as regular buyers are spoilt for choice. Even the best location is no longer enough when it comes to competing on a Global Market and this is where Strategic Branding comes into play. Luxury Real Estate Properties do not sell overnight and require a long-term Brand Strategy.

Almax Realty has partnered with the award-winning Duncan Avenue Studio that has more than a decade of experience branding products and services for the Global Market. Duncan Avenue's clients include world-renown global economy players, Fortune 500 Companies, technology startups, wellness, and fitness brands, medical, manufacturing, real estate brands, NGOs as well as government agencies.

Each property listed with Alexander Maxwell Realty becomes a unique World-Class Brand and presented to the local and global audience of real estate buyers through our high-end PR and marketing channels.

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Whether you are shopping for real estate in the Hudson Valley or Sint Maarten, the best thing you can do is to get pre-approved with a bank or a mortgage broker. For the Caribbean real estate, we can recommend a few great local banks to help you. They will let you know what your price range will be which will make your time home hunting most efficient.

We have included a mortgage calculator on the right-hand side of this page to help you see if buying is possible.
Follow these simple rules to use this tool:

A. For Sint Maarten, use approximately 6% as the rough mortgage rate. That will give you a good guideline. Rates vary from the banks depending on which product you go with (open or closed, fixed or variable, etc…)

B. Use 25-year amortization. This is normal.

C. The range for cash you will require (downpayment) also can depend on your financial position, but a range from 20% of the purchase price to 30% is a good average. If you use 30% down, it would be a good number for this test purpose only. Here is an example:

Villa Price: $400,000.
Cash to mortgage required: $120,000
Closing fee required (this is on top of your downpayment): Budget 6.5% of the purchase price to be safe. However, it can be as low as 5%. In this example, it would be an additional $26,000. paid to the notary.

And a rough rule of thumb is most banks use is a 33% debt ratio. So add up all your loans (cars/credit cards) including this mortgage. Your total monthly payments should not be more than 33% of your gross income. You may consider adding co-signer for the mortgage, like your spouse, a family member, etc. The bank will combine all owners on title income and debt for this ratio.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Maxwell Alexander below. He will be happy to point you in the direction of a banking expert to assist you further.

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