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Are you an investor and looking to fix and flip or add a rental property to your portfolio in the Hudson Valley?

So are we! Hudson Valley is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country, some even call it the New Hamptons, so there are plenty of opportunities for serious investors!

We have flipped quite a few houses in the area ourselves and numbers prove that we are pretty good at it! Now we are sharing our expertise with our clients, so here is why you should work with Max and Dino on your next real estate investment project in the Hudson Valley:

  1. We are experienced real estate investors and purchased, rehabbed and sold many properties in the area, so we know nuts and bolts of the business from planning, budgeting, and financing, to design, building permits and construction.
  2. We are licensed realtors with access to the most accurate MLS listings in the Hudson Valley's Orange and Ulster Counties and provide our clients with a powerful search of high quality and vetted listings. How many times have you called someone about a listing you found on an app, just to find out that it has an accepted offer with 10 more backup offers? Well, that happens when you are a little too late. We won’t waste your time on properties that are not actually available for sale, and we will send you notifications on any new properties that come up on the market just minutes after they are posted on MLS.
  3. We run the numbers for you: from initial CMA (comparative market analysis) when you are bidding on a property, to ARV (after repair value) that will give you an idea about specific profit margins and reno budget.
  4. As experienced contractors and realtors at the same time, we will advise you on the renovation strategy based on the property market evaluation and project feasibility. Furthermore, we'll recommend one of our trusted construction partners to help you execute your vision.
  5. We are world-class marketers with strategic approach and experience in branding products for the global market. In this day and age, real estate buyers come from every corner of the globe and our property brand positioning puts your investment property in front of the global and local audiences giving you the highest possible returns when selling real estate.
  6. We are flying with eagles and connect our clients with A-list industry partners when it comes to financing, legal, strategic consulting, design, production and every other service necessary for a successful real estate investment project.

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